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What We Believe

We believe that God exists in the trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that Christ is the Son of God, that Jesus' birth was miraculous through Mary as the mother of Jesus, chosen by God to bear His son. We believe that the resurrection of the body refers to the reuniting of the spiritual body and the physical body. We believe that God grants the gift of grace which enables us to gain the faith necessary for salvation, and salvation is available to us through our acceptance of Jesus Christ who was dead, buried, and raised from the dead in the forgiveness of our sin. We believe that the sacraments of baptism and communion unite us with Jesus Christ and make us members of God's family, the church. We believe in active participation for all members in ministry and worship. We are a welcoming congregation!

Ministry and Outreach of Sparta Presbyterian Church

Bible Study
Ecumenical Prayer Shawl Ministry
Ecumenical Ministry to Children through Music and Arts
Summer Concert Series open to the community
Support for Alleghany CARES through the Alleghany County Ministerium
Support for Solid Rock Food Closet through the Alleghany County Ministerium
Support for Relay for Life
Support of Pennies for Hunger

Support in our community through volunteers working in places of need, helping others including:

Alleghany County Department of Social Services
Alleghany Historical Museum
Alleghany Lives!
Alleghany Memorial Hospital
Alleghany Public Library
High Country Hospice
Operation Inasmuch
Pennies for Hunger
Relay for Life
Solid Rock Building Ministries (through Alleghany County Ministerium)
The Learning Place - Alleghany Family Literacy Program